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Terms and Conditions

Sales and Production

Only method of payment accepted at this time is check or cash.

7.6% sales tax rate applies to orders within Colorado.  No sales tax applies to orders outside Colorado.

All rugs are made to order. Production takes 12 – 16 weeks for Collection and custom rugs. Production begins when the
rug is paid in full. Once production is approved 50% is non-refundable. (See Refunds and Exchanges)

Area rugs ship to Apeiron Design for inspection and release.

Apeiron Design floor coverings are GoodWeave™ certified, meaning no child labor is used in the production of our rugs
and a percentage of our sales support educational programs in the weaving communities of South Asia.


Production begins when the rug is paid in full. Once production is approved 50% is non-refundable.(See Refunds and

All custom order samples and designs are the property of Apeiron Design.

Custom rugs at or below 36 square feet will require an additional 15% over the Custom Service charge.

A custom sample is not required for size modifications to Collection rugs.

One 1x1 sq ft sample is required at no additional charge for one color custom rugs. One 2x2 sq ft sample is required at
no additional charge for color changes to Collection rugs and the ordering of full custom products to ensure color and
texture quality. Samples take 3 – 4 weeks. For any reason a second sample is required at the discretion of Apeiron
Design and the client agrees to this request (an additional 3 – 4 weeks) there is no additional charge.

If additional sample(s) are requested by the client (not by Apeiron Design) the retail cost of the sample(s) will be added
to the cost of the completed rug.  

If a Custom Design project is started and canceled during or after the design work is complete the client will be billed for
design services rendered. Design service is based on the size and quality of the rug and the price difference between a
Collection rug and its Custom Design equivalent.   

Custom stair runners (hand tufted quality) require measurement and/or a template (if curved) by Apeiron Design to
ensure an exact fit.  For stairs and wall to wall 3-4 inches overage is not uncommon and added to ensure enough
material for installation.  There is no charge for consultations, measurements, and templates.

As a reminder, for the permanent installation of custom product such as a stair runner or wall to wall carpet, additional
material is unavailable.  An experienced and skilled carpet installer is highly recommended.

Non-Skid Pad

Depending on the size, pile height and furniture a non-skid pad is not required. A pad may be required if the rug is not
secured by furniture or located in a hall or entryway.

Delivery and Installation

Once the area rug is inspected by Apeiron Design it is shipped or locally delivered to the client. Installation is the
responsibility of the reseller or client.

Shipping is at current UPS ground and insurance rates, requires a signature at the time of delivery, and billed to the

Damages and Repairs

Apeiron Design is responsible for a rug if it is damaged in shipping / transport.  Damage will be assessed by Apeiron
Design and the proper action taken, most often sent for repair.  * If the rug is beyond repair a replacement rug may be
ordered, all costs incurred by Apeiron Design, or completely refunded.  A replacement rug will take the industry standard
12 - 16 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Apeiron Design is not responsible for a rug if damaged while in the possession of the client, by a courier of their choice,
or installer.

Refunds and Exchanges

* Refunds and exchanges are not available for modified or custom products or products damaged by the client as
previously listed under Damages and Repairs.  

A Note on Hand Made Products  

As this is a hand made product variations in quality and color are an inherent and beautiful feature of these rugs. The
saying is “perfectly imperfect”.  Slight inconsistencies such as striations in color, shape or rendering of the design are
part of the process giving hand made rugs a timeless natural and human quality.