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Hand Knotted                  All Wool
80  knots per sq inch        $   86
100 knots per sq inch       $   96
120 knots
per sq inch       $107
150 knots
per sq inch       $123
Hand Tufted                   
All Wool and Viscose          $53
Wool & Silk                            $80
50% or more Silk                 $96
All custom designed projects and custom colored Collection rugs require a 2x2 sq ft sample for color and quality
approval at no additional cost.

Custom rugs using one color with no design is $10 less than the prices listed above.  A 1x1sq ft sample is required for
color approval at no additional cost.

All custom orders at or below 34 sq ft will be charged an additional 15%.

Hand Tufting is a durable alternative to the cost of hand woven products. It is used for permanent installations such as
staircases, wall-to-wall, and glue down applications. Unlike the flexibility of a hand knotted loom rug hand tufted rugs are
stiffer, similar to wall-to-wall synthetic and latex backed commercial carpeting. Fibers are inserted into a cotton mesh
canvas and affixed using latex. Fiber count weight is equivalent to a 100 knots per square inch hand knotted rug.

For more information on ordering custom product please see our
Terms and Conditions.  
Custom Pricing Per Square Foot
Wool & Silk
50% or
more Silk