Veritas (Latin) refers to the true nature of something.

Notable inspiration for Veritas are 'war rugs'  
produced in Afghanistan displaying stylized tank and
fighter plane motifs.
Veritas transforms a powerful
and dangerous tool into something soft and colorful,
taking the shape of a mandala, a form used for

▪  Tibetan / New Zealand wool blend
▪  80% silk pattern
▪  100 knots per square inch
▪  12mm pile height
Divine Empress
Lilac Lace
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Divine Empress
Lilac Lace
Hand Knotted
w/ Silk
Hand Tufted
w/ Silk
Hand Tufted
w/ Viscose
4 x 6
5 x 7
6 x 9
8 x 10
9 x 12
10 x 14