In Greek philosophy 'the apeiron' (ap – eir – ôn) means limitless,
boundless, infinite and timeless.  With Apeiron Design’s
Contemporary and Modern/RetroKnot Collection or custom design
service you can explore an infinite number of possibilities.

Our philosophy is to create elegant and original works of art for the
floor that compliment the various spaces in which we live and work.  In
the context of a home or business, area rugs become secondary or
peripheral design elements yet they have a tremendous effect on any
space.  We believe an exceptionally designed floor covering is a
subliminally powerful design feature that provides personal and
environmental identity and meaning.

Based in Colorado we offer some of the highest quality area rugs in
the industry with the most personalized customer service available.  
Our floor coverings are made with a Tibetan / New Zealand wool blend
and Chinese silk using traditional hand weaving or hand tufting
techniques depending on product application and price point.  For
these reasons Apeiron floor coverings are highly durable and
accentuate the beauty and qualities valued in any hand made textile.  
All of our rugs are made to order. Collection rugs are resized and
custom colored or you can have a fully custom rug designed for any

Apeiron Design rugs are certified child-labor-free by GoodWeave™. To
learn more, visit
Lakewood, CO                                 720.354.7249                        
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Charles Livingston, Designer/Artist/ Owner

Charles studied graphic design at the Colorado Institute of Art and in
2000 received his BFA from Metropolitan State College of Denver.
During that time he worked as a custom area rug designer at the
Denver Design Center and exhibited his paintings and sculpture with
several galleries in the local area. Working with some of the best
interior designers and architects in Colorado, many of his area rug
designs are featured throughout prominent homes in the Denver/
Boulder and ski resort communities of the Rocky Mountain region. In
2004 he received his MFA from the University of Connecticut. For the
next five years he worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art before
returning to Denver.  H currently shows his art at Pirate Contemporary
Art and is an affiliate instructor at Metropolitan State University
teaching drawing and painting.

From my studies and experiences I find that design and fine art are
interconnected and interdependent disciplines that inform one
another.  My disposition both conceptually and in practice to design is
more related to an artistic approach and method of communicating.
This unique approach is one reason that  I decided to start Apeiron

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